Walter Bianco was born in Turin (north Italy) where he currently lives and works. He has always been attracted by visual art. After working in various fields but always with a view to the classic approach (self taught), he decides then to start  pencil drawing. When he was 17 he had his first tattoo in Turin but only a few years later he felt he was ready for the second one:  from then on, he’s entered in this infinite world.

Walter built a small homemade  tattoo machine without the  real know-how, but  that was  the time he decided to get some professional tools.

In 1994 he starts  to practice tattooing at home,  with  the   support of a few  willing and enthusiastic  friends.  After four years in 1998, w. b. opens his own studio and names it “uhurutattoo”   later changed in “wildbrain”.

Science fiction and the space have attracted him ever since  childhood and at this stage he is very interested in the colour bio-mechanical new school  and in talented artists such as Guy Aichinson, Pool Both, Rob Koss,  Aaron Cain, but also Philip Lou,  and other artists like H.R. Giger, Mark Tedin in addition to many more new talented artists worlwide.

Nowadays Walter’s interests have also spread to illustrations and cartoons combining with tattoos and paintings his attraction for fantasy therefore revealing  his own style and personal touch. Art and new technology are a constant drive together with conventions and exhibitions which he attends regularly. over the years he  has also been following through the media various painting techniques. He has taken part to a project created by guy aichinson  called “scratch art”  contributing with two of his works.

In the next pages you’ll be able to follow walter’s artistic  course and , who  knows, look for  new ideas together. 

In the section “cover tattoos” you will find some examples of old tattoos covers: this technique can achieve very good results impossible to obtain in the past.there are obviously limits to this technique such as the colours and the choice of the subject for the new tattoo.

In these cases the artist should be left to decide. his experience will provide the best results in the choice of subject and cover.  enjoy!